Medication Adherence

As Former Surgeon General Dr. Koop famously proclaimed, “Drugs don’t work for people who don’t take them.” Ritzville Drug Company has tools and programs to help patients take their medications as prescribed. Come in and ask us how we can help you remember to take your medication as prescribed.

  • Complimentary Synchronization all your medications so that they will be available for pick up on the same day every month!
  • Medication boxes- Have us fill your medication box for you!
  • Bubble Packaging-Have your medications “Bubble Packed.” You will have no bottles to keep track of.
  • Cluster Pack bubble packaging—your medications will be packaged together into one “bubble” depending on the time of day they are to be taken: Morning, Noon, Evening or Bedtime. No more forgetting whether you took your medications and no more opening a bunch of bottles multiple times a day!
  • Motivational Interviewing/Patient Empowerment/Behavior Change—Our pharmacists can help you find ways to remember to take your mediations, from behavior association to mobile app reminders.